About Us

Cyprus Forum Cities is the amalgamation of the "2040" series organised by Oxygen for Democracy (formerly known as Oxygono), the Cyprus University of Technology, and the Limassol Municipality, uniting under a single forum to become the foremost local government conference in Cyprus. Annually, Cyprus Forum Cities hosts a series of panels that address overarching topics relevant to all areas of Cyprus—Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Famagusta, and rural areas, fostering a comprehensive and inclusive dialogue on key issues.

At the core of Cyprus Forum Cities is our commitment to facilitating high-level discussions that contribute to the formulation of comprehensive, long-term development plans for Cyprus's cities and rural areas. Through collaborative efforts, our aim is to identify opportunities, address challenges, and establish the foundations for sustainable growth.

Beyond our role in shaping the future landscape, Cyprus Forum Cities is dedicated to empowering municipalities and communities. By exploring innovative dynamics and technologies, our Forum seeks to equip local entities with the tools necessary to enhance the quality of life for citizens.

Our forum transcends the annual event—it serves as a dynamic catalyst for positive change. Its mission? To strengthen the bonds between local governments and citizens, fostering a more inclusive, responsive, and resilient future for Cyprus.